A Racing Revolution is Here

Race Revolution provides a range of solutions for the excitement and thrill of live action racing utilising the very latest technology, showcasing highly accurate real-time positioning with biometric data sensing for each contestant.


Technology-Infused Racing and Animal Welfare Solutions

Race Revolution is an Australian technology driven company focused on hardware and software for the racing industry. Our revolutionary approach to racing provides accurate information not only for the race but to support integrity and wellbeing information for each contestant. We provide accurate data collection with algorithms that promote insights and welfare supporting contestants, trainers, vets and racing officials.


Lead the Revolution with our Advanced Timing Technology Systems and Trackside Audio Visual Software Solutions

Infra-Red Timing

Race Revolution’s infra-red timing system provides accurate timing information using solid state technology to ensure milli-second precision. Our systems integrate seamlessly over local computer (LAN) or Wi-Fi networks reducing unnecessary timing cables. A variety of reliable and sustainable power options help reduce installation costs including rechargeable batteries, solar power, and network power (POE).

Photo Finish Solutions

Race Revolution is an Australian distributor of Timetronics digital line-scan photo finish cameras. Capturing up to 5,000 frames per second provides precise arrival time with high resolution finish line images. Ensure reliable and accurate contestant placing using our streamlined user-friendly software suite. We offer unparalleled features through full integration thanks to our collaboration and support of Timetronics photo finish camera systems.

Trackside Software Suite

Harness the power of Race Revolution’s user-friendly software suite. Experience our fully customizable timing and information display solutions. Our software fully integrates with all leading-edge photo finish systems. Elevate your in-house racing channel with fully automated on-screen timing information overlayed onto your live vision. Race Revolution delivers secure and fully customizable local race information during your events including advertising, weather, race, and individual contestant results.

Timing Servers

Race Revolution timing servers connect operators including racing judges and officials together for full collaboration and control of each race. Experience our powerful system that delivers detailed race information and results to any TV or web-enabled devices on your network. Enjoy unlimited racing layout customization options to deliver personalized content to each user. Our compact and powerful server solutions seamlessly integrate with photo finish cameras, timing interfaces, and media-enabled devices. Race information is displayed flawlessly and securely across your venue.


Promoting Integrity and Welfare for the Racing Industry

The use of technology in racing and timing systems is crucial for safeguarding the welfare of animals in the racing industry. By combining our advanced sensors with real-time data analysis, Race Revolution closely monitors the performance and health of competitors, ensuring optimal conditions in a sustainable manner.


Discover exceptional capabilities of our unique racing system, featuring state-of-the-art tracking technology providing essential metrics throughout the entire race.

Uphold Race Integrity

Leverage Race Revolution’s advanced biometrics to unlock in-depth analytical insights and decision-making tools that surpass the limits of human perception. Equip race and integrity officials with powerful tools to make informed judgments based on comprehensive and detailed biometric information.

Biometric Precision

Embrace our comprehensive turnkey solution for contestant data collection, ensuring contestant welfare. Advanced algorithms provide essential tools to make informed decisions to support the well-being of race contestants. Utilise this solution to detect abnormalities or injuries, while analysing key metrics such as acceleration, speed, strides, and track position.

Contestant Metrics

Empower trainers with biometric insights to evaluate performance and set training objectives. This powerful tool guides decisions on training solutions and medical expertise. Improve contestant performance by proactively mitigating risks. Take action for safer racing and more effective training.

Contestant Welfare

Unlock the power of biometric sensors seamlessly integrated with timing data to elevate contestant welfare and performance. Embrace this technology, available for trainers and regulators, to proactively identify risks and monitor rehabilitation. Enhance confidence in regulatory procedures with compelling evidence.


We Are 100% Australian Owned And Operated

Race Revolution is 100% proudly Australian designed, supported and owned. We value and support all Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound racing clubs.

We Are Experienced and Committed To Your Industry

Our vast experience and commitment to providing the most adaptable and user-friendly timing system is what sets us apart. Race Revolution has been working with the racing industry since 2006.

We Design & Develop In-House

Our systems are in house designed and fully compatible to integrate with third party products including TimeTronics, FinishLynx, Alge, MyLaps and Lightning Visuals.


Race Revolution is provisioned and engineered by the team at ComAV, situated on the northern end of the Gold Coast, South East Queensland. Call us to learn more about how Race Revolution technology can take your live event racing to the next level. Alternatively, provide your contact details and we will get in touch with you.


We acknowledge the original inhabitants of this area, including the Yugambeh people and family groups within, and recognise their connection to the land, waters and resources in the area now known as the Gold Coast. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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