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Revolutionising Harness Racing

Race Revolution redefines Harness racing with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Our advanced systems offer the fastest and most detailed race data available, enhancing the trackside experience for spectators and punters. Our cutting-edge technology with a sophisticated user-friendly platform ensures every race is captured and processed with the highest level of accuracy.

Exceeding Race Day Expectations

Precision and Excitement in Every Moment

Enhancing Spectator Experiences​

Innovative, Customisable Race Day Technology

Supporting All Stakeholders​

Unifying Stakeholders and Sponsors in Racing

Exceeding Race Day Expectations

Our real-time race data technology ensures every thrilling moment is captured with unmatched precision. Experience the excitement of live race progress, personal bests, and record-breaking performances, as they happen.

Absolute Real-time results

Experience real-time race information from the intense start to the photo finish. Our system provides real-time sectional data for each contestant and integrates with top photo finish cameras including Lynx, Alge, and TimeTronics.

Benchmark Live Performance

Track the performance of each contestant with real-time sectional places and results. Our displays feature performance overlays instantly highlighting personal bests and track records.

Live Presentation of Results

Witness the fastest presentation of sectional and race results. Our platform operates independent timing for each contestant, and integrates seamlessly with leading photo finish cameras, ensuring rapid and accurate reporting of finishes and placings.

Enhancing Spectator Experiences

Simplify race day operations while enhancing spectator and punter experience. Discover our fully customisable racing displays with intelligent monitoring. Revolutionse your racing venue with our turnkey automated race information over live vision. Captivate your audience with our simplified technology for replay channels and outdoor LED screens.

Interactive Live Experience

Supercharge your live racing experience through our live, sectional data displays, providing a comprehensive view of each contestant's performance during the race.

Detailed Contestant Data

Race Revolution showcases individual contestant information. Performance history is automatically stored and updated. The performance dashboard includes box position, weight, places, section times, wind speed and track conditions for every race.

Seamless Race Integration

Our system ensures swift and accurate delivery of sections, finish times and placings for every contestant. Race Revolution integrates seamlessly with leading photo finish cameras including Lynx, Alge, and TimeTronics. Our commitment to compatibility ensures a cost-effective installation for all venues while enhancing the viewing experience and recording the detailed history of each race. We provide your spectators and punters with immediate and precise race outcomes.

Supporting Stakeholders & Sponsors

Our unified platform provides a comprehensive Harness race management solution, while offering an engaging visual experience for your racetrack. Sponsors and stakeholders have advertising opportunities during every race.

Sponsorship Visibility

Highlight sponsors with customisable branding and advertising displays, ensuring maximum visibility throughout the event.


On course weather stations provide real-time track and weather conditions. Details including wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, rainfall and track density are permanently stored ensuring a comprehensive report for officials and punters.


Our system caters to judges, officials, and race controllers with a unified platform that balances technical precision with creative presentation.